30 June 2016

Canada Day Breakfast Fly-in at Rockcliffe

by The Rockcliffe Flying Club

The Rockcliffe Flying Club invites you to our fly-in / drive-in / splash-in Canada Day Breakfast. Breakfast served 07:30 – 11:00. $7 for bacon / sausage / eggs / pancakes / beans / OJ / coffee. No landing fees, no day-parking charges. Overnight parking fees waived with fuel purchase.

Splash-in? Yes! RFC has float-plane docks in the Ottawa River, immediately north of the airfield and a three-minute walk (if that) to the field.

Come for the day. Or, fly-in on Friday morning for breakfast, visit CASM for the afternoon, go downtown (apprx 10km) for concerts, events and fireworks – then come back to the field to camp under your wing (no camping fees, and 24hr washroom with hot/cold/flush and shower).

CYRO, Ottawa/Rockcliffe in the CFS. 123.5, circuit height 1200'. All circuits over the Ottawa River, north of the field (left-hand circuits for 09, right-hand circuits for 27).

The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum is also on-field - no-charge vans shuttle across the airfield for those who wish to visit the Museum (CASM has NO admission fees on Canada Day!).


  • 0730-11:00 RFC Breakfast, $7
  • 0900-17:00 Free shuttle RFC-Museum
  • 1100-11:30 Performance by CF Parachute Team, Skyhawks
  • 1200 Flyover by CF Snowbirds
  • 1430 CASM - Autograph session with Snowbirds Pilots

For further information: info@rfc.ca, 613-746-4425

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23 June 2016

Nav Canada Consultations Regarding New Approach Proceedures at Ottawa International

By Jane DiRaimo, Community Assistant to Ottawa City Councillor George Darouze, Ward 20, Ottawa

Councillor Darouze has asked me to pass on this important information from NAV CANADA concerning Airspace Improvements at Ottawa International Airport. It is very important to residents living in and around the airport and in our Ward further out with regards to flights taking off and landing at the airport. They are seeking your input and would like to have that by 30 June 2016 or earlier. Please visit their website listed below along with their brief message.

Nav Canada is seeking public input regarding proposed changes to flight paths for aircraft arriving to Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.

The proposed flight paths are estimated to save up to two minutes flying time for arrivals while greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions reductions are estimated at 750 metric tonnes each year.

Nav Canada has made information – including maps – on proposed flight path changes available online. Residents are invited to learn about changes and provide feedback using the comment tool available on the website by 30 June 2016.

22 June 2016

CYOW's Noisy News

Report from Noise Management Meeting Macdonald-Cartier International Airport 15 June 2016 by attendee Michael Shaw

Firstly, CYOW does not have a serious noise problem, at least not with airliners.

The Noisy News is that we, General Aviation types, are part of the problem. What! GA is noisy? Well, we are when we don’t follow the Noise Abatement procedures. It seems visiting pilots fail to check the Canada Flight Supplement when arriving and departing CYOW and fail to follow the Noise Abatement Procedures. The local flying schools are doing the job better than in the past.

Of course, that’s not the whole story. It seems the folks living on the departure from runway 04, (apparently several folks on one street) are the main complainers. I know, I know, they knew the airport was there when they moved there, or should have, but that does not stop them from complaining. And it doesn’t mean we or the airport can ignore them. I don’t know what we as pilots can do to safely mitigate their noise perceptions. We are following legal and appropriate departure paths. The airport is concerned too about what looks like a coordinated campaign.

The bottom line is we must at least follow the noise abatement procedures, it’s the law and we want to be part of the solution, not the problem, eh!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line.


17 June 2016

US Presidential Visit NOTAM Coming Soon

By Cpl. Christianne (Chrissie) Lapointe, Operational Coordinator - Protective Policing, RCMP

Here's the 'Coles notes' version of the NOTAM that will be published next week for 29 June 2016:

  • 12 nm radius of Parliament Hill - No operation of aircraft/UAV fro SFC to 18,000 ft
  • 10 nm radius of YOW - No operation of aircraft/UAV fro SFC to 18,000 ft
  • 30nm radius of YOW - No operation of aircraft/UAV fro SFC to 18,000 ft. A phone number will be on the NOTAM for any aircraft wanting to obtain authorization.
  • If you were around when President Obama came in 2009, the parameters are the same. The altitude is higher this time.
  • We do not yet have the times for the NOTAM but are saying 'daylight hours' for now. Once we get the exact times, the NOTAM will be issued.

I would advise your members that authorizations for the day are unlikely.

13 June 2016

Carleton University General Aviation Study: More Participants Needed

From Kathleen Van Benthem PhD, Post doctoral Fellow, ACE​ Lab

Carleton University is looking for at least 15 more participants for its General Aviation Study!

Who can participate?

Participants should meet the following criteria:

  • a pilot or a pilot in training (solo and some cross-country experience)​
  • medically licensed to fly
  • at least 40 years of age, and
  • interested in flying a full-scale Cessna 172 simulator

How long?

Each participant would be asked to come in for two different sessions, each at a maximum of two hours.

When and where?

All sessions will be held at the Carleton University ACE lab, and scheduling is open to the participants​ via ​an easy to use online scheduler​.​

​We are pleased to cover all parking costs while at the university.​

More information

All responses, as well as any further questions can be sent to Carolina.

​ ​