25 March 2014

Underwater Escape Training in Ottawa 17 or 18 June 2014

Aviation Egress Systems and underwater escape instructor Bryan Webster are coming back to Ottawa to conduct escape training here in Canada's capital.

Webster won the TC Aviation Safety Award in 2007 for his training courses.

The program will consist of an e-learning ground school you can do at home in advance, followed by a half-day in-pool session of underwater egress training.

The program is suitable for both pilots and passengers and will be held on 17 or 18 June 2014.


  • E-Learning $ 96.00
  • Wet Egress $ 296.00


15 March 2014

Haliburton/Stanhope Airport Gets a $12.2 Million Facelift

By Doug Martin, EAA 657164

The Forestry and Fire Fighting divisions of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) will invest $12.2 million in a move of their headquarters to the Haliburton/Stanhope Airport. As well as constructing a new building, they will be moving two helicopters and two Twin Otters, which have already been based at Stanhope for the last 12 years.

Seasonal firefighting staff will number around 50. The development also will include 20 new 42-foot enclosed T-hangars with electricity supply and washrooms nearby. There will be four blocks of five hangars each. The taxiway layout will be expanded and a high-speed optical fibre network will be installed for the anticipated business park.

The Algonquin Highlands township will install a webcam for security as well as marketing. Interested parties will be able to watch progress on the construction through this online camera.

Existing hangar tenants will be unable to access the hangars during early August, but they will have the option of using tiedowns during this period at no cost. The brand-new hangars will cost the tenants $2,500 a year and they will be finished in white on both walls and floor. They have been designed to accommodate possible future installation of solar panels. Each hangar will be equipped with a 2,000-pound winch attached to the back wall for pulling an aircraft into the hangar, and each will have both interior and exterior metal cladding and insulation.

The township's work of clearing the land, building roadways, taxiways and hangars is expected to be completed late this summer, allowing the MNR to begin construction. Anticipated move-in date for the MNR is sometime in 2015.

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01 March 2014

The Legendary Swordfish

From Rockcliffe Flying Club

The legendary Swordfish was one of the most unique and significant aircraft of the Second World War.

This fabric covered bi-plane – which looked like an obsolete throwback to another era – was used in some of the war’s most significant engagements: Taranto, Bismarck and the Channel Dash. Lesser known, but no less important, was the role of the Swordfish protecting conveys, under tremendously difficult conditions. Throughout the war, Swordfish crews distinguished themselves with unmatched bravery in the face of great adversity.

Cdr Terry Goddard, DSC, CD is a Canadian who served with the Royal Navy. In May 1941, as a 21-year-old, this Toronto native found himself in a Swordfish, attacking the German battleship Bismarck (which was the world’s largest and most powerful warship). This is an incredible story of one young Canadian’s courage and dedicated service – in the legendary Swordfish.

Presentation details

  • Rob Kostecka is an RFC member who has had the great privilege of becoming a friend of Swordfish veteran, Cdr Terry Goddard, DSC, CD.
  • Rob will be discussing the incredible history of the Swordfish and Cdr Goddard’s role in the attack on the Bismarck. Rob will also be sharing his impressions of what this amazing aircraft was actually like to fly.
  • This presentation was originally delivered at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum – during the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the Bismarck.
  • The talk will begin at 1830 hrs on Thursday, March 13th - and will be held at the RFC ground school room. The presentation be free for all RFC members and their guests. Please let Brenda know if you plan on joining us.
  • For those who would be interested, Pizza will be available (before the talk) at 1745 hrs. For those who would also like to join us for pizza – please let Brenda know, so that she can place the order. Please note, if you’re joining us for pizza, a $10 contribution will be requested.

Everyone is welcome.