26 September 2014

Launch for Polar Winds

Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail's new book Polar Winds: A Century of Flying the North is out, having been given an official launch in Jasper, Alberta a week ago.

Polar Winds chronicles the opening up of Canada's far north by the pioneering aviators who took on the long distances and harsh weather, along with the aircraft that they flew to accomplish this.

Carol Shaben, bestselling author of Into the Abyss said about Polar Winds:

With Polar Winds: A Century of Flying the North, Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail brings us an extraordinarily intimate, engaging and all-encompassing chronicle of Canadian flight north of the 60th parallel. Metcalfe-Chenail proves herself a remarkable historian and writer, weaving factual accounts with compelling stories of risk, heroism and adventure. Brimming with amazing archival photographs and gripping detail acquired through meticulous research and personal interviews, Polar Winds is a definitive and important addition to the canon of Canadian aviation history. An astonishing accomplishment.

Her initial book tour includes:

  • September 25: The Pilot Pub in Toronto from 1700-1900 hrs. Appies provided.
  • September 26: Northern Lights Awards (Vaughan, Ontario - tickets still available)
  • September 28: 1300-1430 hrs at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife (rumour has it "Buffalo" Joe McBryan and other aviation legends might swing by). Cake, coffee, and juice provided.
  • September 30: signing at Mac's Fireweed Books from 1200-1300 hrs and then a launch party at the Yukon Transportation Museum from 1800-2100 hrs in Whitehorse. Beer and wine for sale - snacks provided.
  • October 5: Book Birthday Bash at Audrey's Books (Edmonton). Over the Top Cakes is going to make a fantastic aviation-inspired cake - a big surprise (and generous gift)!
  • November 1: Ottawa! Canada Aviation and Space Museum 1800-2100 hrs. Note: this will be a COPA Flight 8 meeting.

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25 September 2014

Welcome to the New RFC IFR Club!

From Rockcliffe Flying Club

The idea of an IFR Club stems from a suggestion from one of our club members. The purpose of the informal meetings is to bring together IFR pilots (or someone thinking about becoming IFR rated) to meet once a month and discuss what they are passionate about….flying! Not just flying BUT “Instrument flying”. Come out and meet experienced IFR pilots and newly rated IFR pilots and have a coffee, relax and enjoy the conversation.

  • Where: Rockcliffe Flying Club Lounge
  • When: Last Thursday of the Month
  • Time: 1930 hrs – until finished!!

Here are just some examples of the things that might be discussed:

  • IFR in Canada and the USA: how does it differ?
  • A number of us feel more comfortable in the IFR system and file IFR even on completely clear days. Is this a VFR-cowardice?
  • Does the 2-year re-ride deter Canadian pilots from getting IFR ratings? They don't have it in the USA and a much greater percentage of private pilots are IFR-rated. Is the re-ride useful?
  • Does anyone understand the new preferred low-level routes in the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal corridor? Does it matter --- do we just file DIRECT and see what comes anyway?
  • What are the minimum number of instruments with which you feel comfortable flying IFR?
  • Is an ADF anything more than additional and unnecessary weight these days?
  • Below what temperature in the winter do you feel comfortable that you're not going to meet ice in a cloud?
  • Is an onboard StrikeFinder or StormScope needed any more now that we have uplink weather information on our GPSs? Which is better: the immediate response of the StrikeFinder or the bigger picture of the uplink weather?
  • When are we going to get ADS-B in Canada? Is it worth buying a portable ADS-B unit for flying in the USA?

Drop by last Thursday of every month! See you there!

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17 September 2014

Morrisburg Welcomes GA!

On final with Patrick to 25 at CNS8.DSC_2861

Morrisburg Airport (CNS8) would like us GA folks to organize events at the airport. If you are interested contact Allen McNairn, Pro Shop/Restaurant, Manager, Upper Canada Golf Course, phone: 613-543-2003, cell: 613-551-1678, Allen.McNairn@parks.on.ca.

I believe Allen is thinking of a day of golf (that’s fun), but Upper Canada Village is just across the road. Morrisburg is a real gem of a location and a great fly-in location.

In 2005 the Short Wing Piper Club met in the restaurant at the Golf club, but we all drove due to fog. We were treated to a great breakfast and convenient meeting room.

This news is from Patrick Gilligan, COPA National.

15 September 2014

CYRO and RFC Closures - Battle of Britain Sunday 21 September 2014

By Jim Mantle, Interim General Manager, Rockcliffe Flying Club, 613-746-4425, gm@rfc.ca

The Canadian Forces and the CASM are holding the annual Battle of Britain Parade on Sunday September 21, 2014. As there is an airshow involved, by TC regulation the Flying Display Area (the area under the flight path of the demonstration aircraft) must be clear of all non-essential individuals.

Accordingly, there will be closures of RFC, Sutton Aviation and the Remote Control Car Club activities. The Rockcliffe Yacht Club is also affected, and have been informed directly by CF.

The parade is being held behind the museum, adjacent to the runway. As in previous years, due to the noise generated by aircraft movements, the airport will be restricted for the duration of the parade. NOTAMs will also be issued.

Schedule for the day, Sunday 21 September 2014:

  • Prior to 0950 - Normal operations are in progress
  • 0945-1000 - Assembly of spectators for the BoB parade starts. Aircraft movements cease by 09:50 (no engines running after 0950)
  • 1000-1030 - All individuals egress the clubhouse, hangar and airfield (everywhere inside the fence)
  • 1030-1200 - RFC closed, clubhouse vacated, airfield vacated
  • 1015-1045 - All individuals egress the parking lot and access road
  • 1045-1200 - Access road closed - there will be a manned checkpoint at the end of the road
  • 1200 - Normal operations resume

RFC aircraft rentals and instruction are available Sunday morning (flight complete before 0950, or wheels-up must be before 0950 and return not before 1200).

In the booking system all aircraft have been reserved as unavailable 10:00-12:00; phone dispatch if you wish to book an aircraft to depart before 0950 and return after 1200, and we will unblock the aircraft for you.

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11 September 2014

Foreflight Mobile disappearing VFR reporting points, and VNC and VTA legends not working in Documents.

A word of caution to VFR pilots using Foreflight on their iPads or iPhones. VFR reporting points will appear and disappear depending on what area of the map you touch. Below are two examples of the Cumberland VFR call up point shown on the Ottawa VTA and the same area on a VNC. They have approximately the same zoom level, but the first, lacking the VFR point,  occurs when one touches the airspace well outside the VTA area. The second, including the VFR point, occurs when one touches the map inside the VTA area. Notice the Cumberland Call up point is one but not the other.

vnc cumberland vfr point

vta cumberland VFR pointHave you noticed these issues too?

The same is true for most areas of Canada with a VTA chart, e.g. the the skyway bridge comes and goes, as does the Pickering Nuclear power station on Toronto’s VTA.

Also, am I the only one having problems getting the VTA and VNC legend documents in Foreflight?

I get the empty blank spaces shown in the screen capture below. I get a dark space when I try to read them. Seems to me to be trap for students and visiting pilots from the U.S.A., and I guess old farts like me.



For those who care these images are captured on my iPad mini 64 GB model. All images are from the latest update, effective 21 August 2014, version 1409.

10 September 2014

André Durocher's Questair Venture Flies!

COPA Flight member André Durocher flew his Questair Venture for the first time on Tuesday 09 September 2014. He sends this report:

...yesterday I did the first flight with C-GOER!! Gatineau-Lachute in 15 minutes (including the take-off and the landing)!!

While climbing, I overtook a Cessna 172 in cruising flight and I think the pilot thought he was parked!!

Fly fast, life is short!

Congratulations to André!

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