20 April 2017

Information on COPA Flight 8 in Ottawa

I apologize to those looking for information on COPA's Flight 8 in Ottawa. A couple of years ago I resigned as Captain of Flight, but no one stepped forward to take on the job. I had been involved in the Flight for most of the last 20 years.

Folks looking for information on the Flight are welcome to contact me. I also note that our website, http://web.ncf.ca/fn352/flight8/ is still actively maintained by Adam Hunt. As well this blog is maintained by myself, but mostly Adam Hunt.

The information below was copied from COPA National's website today. Unfortunately COPA National has an incorrect website for Flight 8. The meeting information, while formerly correct, is no longer valid.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Mike Shaw


4 - 5620 Rockdale Rd, Vars, ON,K1C 1H7
Name : Michael Shaw
Phone : 613-824-7145
Email : airmail@rogers.com
http://mikegail.com (incorrect)
4th Wednesday of each month except July, August and December. Locations vary, but frequently we meet at the Ottawa Flying Club. Check website for details.
Last updated:
2017-04-10 17:09:08

Sorce. https://www.copanational.org/en/copa-flights/

18 April 2017

Aviation Scam Alert - garminsupportcanada.com

Pilots should be aware that there is a new aviation scam around the internet. Scammers have been spamming aviation and other blogs (including this blog) with links to garminsupportcanada.com and trying to get people to telephone a "916" area code VOIP phone number, 916-209-6500.

The scam uses the names "GPS Technical Support Phone Number Canada" and "Garmin Support Phone Number Canada" and attempts to get pilots to call their bogus "technical support number" for help with Garmin and GPS problems. Presumably they are after credit card numbers. The associated website admits that they are not associated with GPS manufacturer Garmin.

The 916 area code phone number traces to California, while the domain traces to registration with domain register GoDaddy by Domains by Proxy. Domains by Proxy is a service that allows registering a domain without making your name public and is widely used by scammers as a way of hiding their identity.

Of course no legitimate business advertises itself by blog spamming, only scammers do that. A check of this scam shows that it is associated with a number of other fake businesses, most of which seem to be technical support scams.

Be warned and be careful!