27 September 2011

Autonomous Flocking UAVs

There are lots of things to contend with in the air these days, but Sabine Hauert, Severin Leven and Dario Floreano of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale’s Laboratory of Intelligence Systems in Lausanne, Switzerland have added one more: they have taught ten small unmanned aerial vehicles to flock.

This is actually an interesting use of technology, combining small aircraft with Linux to make them fly together in different ways, depending on the parameters entered. This science project shows what is possible with the combination of aircraft and computers.

Story and short video

26 September 2011

Air Show Risks And How They Affect The Public

After the death of Jack "Flash" Mangan in a crash at an airshow in Martinsburg, VA this week while flying a T-28, AVweb has published a very interesting and thoughtful article written by a non-aviator who witnessed the crash. Twenty-year-old Chloe Barkdoll describes the effect seeing this sort of accident has on non aviators. This is very well written and certainly should give airshow organizers and pilots something to think about.

I think her message is clear, while airshows can motivate and inspire people to fly, or at least become aviation fans and supporters, one accident can turn thousands of people into aviation opponents. We need to put safety ahead of all other considerations in airshow planning if we are to avoid this.

20 September 2011

Presentation: "Rejuvenating General Aviation…..from the ground up!"

From: Bruce Dwyer, Professor/Coordinator Aviation Studies, Algonquin College:

Rejuvenating General Aviation…..from the ground up!
Presented by: the Raviator
Time: Monday 26 September 2011, 19:30 hrs
Location: Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Main Theater

You are cordially invited to join Algonquin College students in the Aviation Management and Aircraft Maintenance programs at the Museum next Monday for an evening presentation by Ravi. I have seen Ravi perform this summer at Oshkosh both on stage at the NAFI (National Association of Flight Instructors) breakfast as a guest speaker and heard him perform with his guitar at the Sennheiser booth. Last year I was also at the presentation Ravi gave during the ATAC (Air Transport Association of Canada) meetings.

If you are interested in Aviation and passionate about seeing General Aviation grow in Canada then I think you will enjoy this event and hope that you take the time to come join us next Monday. See Poster Attached!!!

All Flight Schools and Students are welcome to attend!!!

The event is free and you can even enter to win a Sennheiser HD 238 high performance headphone!

12 September 2011

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Tribute

From John Phillips, West Capital Dev elopments:

In 2011, Vintage Wings of Canada will pay tribute to one of the greatest military and industrial achievements in Canada, indeed the world, during the Second World War. The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) was a stunning achievement in planning, construction, community involvement and aircrew training that involved every province of Canada, hundreds of small and medium sized communities across the country, and hundreds of thousands of airmen from Canada, the British Commonwealth and the United States of America.

The Vintage Wings of Canada "Yellow Wings" program will span a year and a country to bring the story of how everyday Canadians, communities and companies did their part as the Aerodrome of Democracy to win the war against two evil empires.

September 24th, between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm the planes will be at Carp Airport (CYRP). West Capital Developments will be providing a shuttle service from the airport to the Carp Fair which will be going on the same weekend. Planes include the Vintage Wings Harvard, Tiger Moth, Cornell, Finch and Stearman.

More information www.yellowwings.ca

03 September 2011

Ottawa Flying Club Needs Volunteers for Fly Day 1 October 2011

From Marc Desjardins, President, Ottawa Flying Club:

Hosted by the Ottawa Flying Club, Fly Day is an event supported and contributed to by local area pilots, aviation related businesses and organizations, many sponsors, and the Ottawa Rotary Club, and we need volunteers to make it work! Fly Day
Fly Day Pilots Wanted!

Pilots with 4-place aircraft are needed for the 53rd Annual Fly Day at the Ottawa Flying Club to carry out sightseeing flights over Ottawa.

If you are a pilot with:

· A Private or Commercial Licence
· 100 hours or more PIC (special consideration for Algonquin students who wish to volunteer with 85 hours PIC and reviewed by CFI)
· 10 hours on Type
· 10 hours in the previous 12 months (or a checkout by an OFC instructor)
· Familiarity with procedures at Ottawa
· Recency and Currency as per the CARS
· 1 hour PIC or Dual within the last 30 days before FlyDay, and
· a 4-place (or better) aircraft to fly (owned or rented)
...you can take part in Fly Day!


If you fly as a volunteer pilot, you will receive:
· Tax receipts for all operating costs
· Free Fuel
· Landing and Departure at CYOW are waived for participating aircraft

All of the Cessna 172s and the Beech Duchess have been reserved for rental use on Fly Day.

Ground volunteers needed too!

Ground volunteers are needed to escort passengers to and from the aircraft and to marshal aircraft.
As most activities take place on the OFC ramp, ground volunteers are required to be licensed pilots, student pilots with their student pilot permit, or airport authority red pass holders.

To Volunteer

If you are interested in flying or for volunteering for other activities, in taking a ride at the event, in being a sponsor, or contributing a static exhibit, please contact Marc Desjardins.