12 September 2011

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Tribute

From John Phillips, West Capital Dev elopments:

In 2011, Vintage Wings of Canada will pay tribute to one of the greatest military and industrial achievements in Canada, indeed the world, during the Second World War. The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) was a stunning achievement in planning, construction, community involvement and aircrew training that involved every province of Canada, hundreds of small and medium sized communities across the country, and hundreds of thousands of airmen from Canada, the British Commonwealth and the United States of America.

The Vintage Wings of Canada "Yellow Wings" program will span a year and a country to bring the story of how everyday Canadians, communities and companies did their part as the Aerodrome of Democracy to win the war against two evil empires.

September 24th, between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm the planes will be at Carp Airport (CYRP). West Capital Developments will be providing a shuttle service from the airport to the Carp Fair which will be going on the same weekend. Planes include the Vintage Wings Harvard, Tiger Moth, Cornell, Finch and Stearman.

More information www.yellowwings.ca

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