21 December 2011

Different Ways to Fly

There are lots of different ways to fly. Some people use an airplane, while others prefer something a bit different, like Jeb Corliss, for instance:

05 December 2011

Do You Own a Cessna?

If it is a 100 or 200 series single and was built between 1946 and 1986 then you will need to know about this new requirement that Cessna has added to the manuals for your annual inspection.

It actually isn't anything new and any sharp AME is probably doing all of it already, but as aircraft age the need to keep on top of metal fatigue and corrosion increases.

The inspections are simple, but necessary and as an owner you need to know what is being done to keep your aging Cessna flying.

* Powerpoint presentation on the new requirements (Zip file)

* You Tube video (4:37 in length)