15 September 2015

Gatineau to Host September Air Display

Thanks to the work of Vintage Wings, Gatineau Airport will host a small airshow on Saturday, 19 September 2015.

The event is the Battle of Britain Air Show & Pub Night, taking advantage of the military aircraft that will be in town for the Battle of Britain Parade that day.

The airshow will consist of a CF-18 Hornet demonstration, at 1530 hrs, followed by the Snowbirds at 1600 hrs. There will also be static displays, followed by a twilight run-up of a Spitfire, Hurricane, Lysander and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Lancaster bomber.

The air demonstrations are open to the public, while the Vintage Wings pub night at their hangar require tickets to be purchased.

The gates open to the public at 1300 hrs.

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