02 March 2015

New Strict Proposed Regulations For New & Existing Aerodromes

URGENT ACTION, 8 April 2015 Deadline!

From Patrick Gilligan, COPA

Transport Canada has just sent a new strict proposed regulation for all aerodromes. A consultation requirement with 27 "onerous" public notification steps estimated by TC to cost new and existing aerodrome owners up to $60,000.

The most devastating requirements are:

  • The installation/aerodrome must adhere to local building and fire codes, no longer according to the National Building Code of Canada.
  • Information on the environmental status of the project, including any requirements under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012.

Public consultation

  1. The public consultation process will apply to:
    a. A new aerodrome development
     i. Within a built-up area of a city or town;
     ii. In non-built up areas if
      1. It is within 4000m of a built-up area of a city or town;
      2. It is in or within 4000m of a protected area; or
      3. It is within 30 nautical miles of a registered or certified aerodrome.
    b. An existing aerodrome development if
     i. modifications result in changes to existing level(s) of service or operation; or
     ii. modifications result or could reasonably result in change(s) to existing usage.
  2. Pre-Consultation: Proponents must notify NAV CANADA and Transport Canada of their aerodrome proposal regardless of the requirement to conduct a public consultation.

Action required

Until 8 April 2015, comments on this notice may be addressed, in writing, to:

CARAC Notice #2013-014 contact info: carrac@tc.gc.ca also please copy COPA’s National office by copying Patrick Gilligan who is the coordinator for COPA’s response.

Note: after this date, comments will no longer be considered in further revisions to the regulations and standards.

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