19 February 2014

Women of Aviation Week - Girls Fly-Day Volunteers Needed

from The Rockcliffe Flying Club

For the second consecutive year, the Rockcliffe Flying Club in collaboration with the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and the Ninety-Nines (the international organization of women pilots) will participate in Women of Aviation Worldwide Week from 3-9 March 2014.

This event started in Canada as a grass roots effort to recognize the 100th anniversary of the first woman to obtain a pilot's licence. It has grown significantly in the past few years and now events are held throughout Canada, the US and in many other countries. Last year, the first year RFC participated, we flew over 150 enthusiastic girls and women and won the title of First Runner Up as the most Female Friendly Flight Training Centre in the World!

This year, amongst other activities, we plan to hold a Fly Day on Saturday 8 March 2014 to introduce young girls and women who have never flown in a light aircraft to the joys of aviation. This year's theme is to celebrate 100 years since the first woman learned aerobatics.

8 March 2014

Girls Fly Day Volunteers Needed

  • Registration Desk: 4 Volunteers per shift
  • Boarders: 6 Volunteers per shift
  • Marshals: 6 Volunteers per shift
  • Shifts: You can volunteer for more than one shift if you would like.

Hours: Saturday 8 March 2014

  • 0830 – 1100 hrs
  • 1100 – 1300 hrs
  • 1300 – 1500 hrs
  • 1500 – 1700 hrs

Sunday 9 March 2014 (Rain Date)

  • 0830 – 1100 hrs
  • 1100 – 1300 hrs
  • 1300 – 1500 hrs
  • 1500 – 1700 hrs

We need to fill these shifts just in case Saturday is weathered out.

Coordinating instructions

Please RSVP Brenda if you would like to sign-up for one or more of the above shifts.

There will be a meeting for the volunteer pilots and all other volunteers on 6 March 2014 at 1900 hrs.

Thank you for your support!

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