29 January 2013

Nav Canada Study of Ottawa TCA Airspace Consultation

Note: This post is a follow up to the earlier article: Nav Canada to Conduct Study of Ottawa TCA Airspace and Nav Canada Study of Ottawa TCA Airspace Underway.

COPA Flight 8 Captain Mike Shaw remains the contact person for Flight 8's input into this study, so please send your comments to him or post them here for discussion.

Review Of The Structure And Classification Of The Ottawa Terminal Control Area

Consultations - Aeronautical Study

by Yan Tremblay, Nav Canada

Nav Canada undertook an aeronautical study to review the structure and classification of the Ottawa terminal control area.

As the provider of civil air navigation services, NAV CANADA regularly reviews its services to ensure that they match the requirements of aircraft operators. A comprehensive study is forthcoming and will involve consultation with customers and other stakeholders. A hazard and risk analysis will be conducted on any and all proposed changes.

Consultation on this proposal will be conducted on the 27th of February 9:30 am to 14:30 pm at the Local 1217, head office; 77 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa.

Persons wishing to participate as stakeholders, wanting to obtain further information, or that are interested in commenting on this study are invited to reserve their place before the 22nd of February, by contacting the undersigned:

Yan Tremblay
Shift Manager
Montréal Area Control Centre
Nav Canada
1750 Chemin St Francois
Dorval, QC
H9P 2P6
Phone: (514) 633-3365
Fax: (514) 633-3371


Michael Shaw said...

Not sure what Bluebird's comnent has to do with Air Space Classification? I am going to bet Canadian Flight Schools look to Transport Canada's requirements.

Adam Hunt said...

It was spam, I removed it. Ironically the website they posted no longer exists.