19 July 2011

Dubai to Seattle with Al Hepburn Part 13

We had great weather for the trip across Siberia to Anadyr and the Russians were really efficient, so everything went on schedule, until we got to Anadyr. It seems the ferry schedule across to the town has changed. We were told that it now runs only 3 times a day, and the last one was at 5 o'clock, so we'd missed it. They had arranged for us to stay at the airport hotel. No restaurant, no internet, and all for $180 a night. We bought some food in the store and made our own supper and breakfast. It turns out that a private boat could have been arranged. I suspect they were just trying to generate business for the airport hotel.

Next morning, we had a one-hour delay getting fuel and finding a form which had been given to Wei on arrival in Russia. Then we were off on the leg to Anchorage, based on the TAF and a text message from Air Journey about enroute conditions, which fortunately were not complicated. So now we have a day's rest in Anchorage before heading down the coast to Seattle tomorrow. We had hoped to do some sightseeing along the way, but that isn't going to happen, due to a low over the Alaska panhandle and the Queen Charlottes. The good news is we should have some help from the wind, so should be able to make the trip direct. That should put is in to Boeing Field mid afternoon.

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