01 July 2017

The Allied Air Forces Memorial & Yorkshire Air Museum

Mike Shaw recently had a chance to tour the Allied Air Forces Memorial & Yorkshire Air Museum on the site of RAF Elvington in Yorkshire, England.

Mike sends this report:

The museum is styled to look and feel like a WWII air base, which it was. A few years ago the US put a 10,000 foot runway in and then abandoned the airport. Now is it a day only a GA airport with a long runway. In the afternoon we were there we saw only one aircraft fly, looked like a J3. It parked outside of the museum area.

One aircraft they have is the Handley Page Victor V-Bomber, which was used as an air tanker for Vulcans attacking the Falklands. The largest hangar is the Canadian Memorial Hangar. Its largest aircraft is a WWII Halifax bomber.

One thing I never figured out what it was a box like thing, which is also in a photo on the Wikipedia page. I was told it was for returning aircraft to find the field, but I don't know what it is called or how it worked. Neither did the volunteers working at the Museum.

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