07 October 2013

SmartPilot.ca – Progress Report After 4 Months Live

Media Release

Canada’s single source web portal for all things related to flying safely has now been live for four months and is taking flight! The site is a one-stop source for information, interactive courses and content rich videos – all focussed on helping pilots stay fresh and current about flight operations. And as our registered users have found, the site is open and free to all. The material is applicable to all levels of pilots from student through to senior.

Since launching on 1 May 2013 we already have 528 registered users of the portal. While registration is not mandatory, it does allow on-line access to some features and also includes updates on new materials. In total since launching, we had just over 6,000 visits to the SmartPilot.ca web portal, of which 3,052 were unique visitors. This has resulted in 27,172 pages views or an average of 4.3 pages per visitor. These numbers illustrate the need and interest from Canada’s aviation community for flight safety material and self-improvement.

New materials continue to be developed for SmartPilot.ca. To date, SmartPilot.ca has created and posted 5 unique new video segments. These are in addition to the vast array of older, yet still pertinent materials posted. The new, purpose developed films cover:

Mountain Flying

  • Mountain Flying Intro
  • Navigation
  • Density Altitude
  • Weather
  • The 180° Turn
  • Tips
  • Lessons Learned

Aircraft Egress

  • Aircraft Egress
  • Aircraft Egress Tips
  • Preparing for an Emergency Water Landing

Uncontrolled Aerodromes

  • Uncontrolled Aerodromes Introduction
  • Departing an MF Aerodrome
  • Landing at an MF Aerodrome
  • Departing an ATF Aerodrome
  • Landing at an ATF Aerodrome

Other new material includes floatplanes, detailing both the preflight and passenger briefing and one on winter survival that provides information on a variety of aspects related to winter survival when something goes wrong.

About future initiatives, project lead Ted Rankine stated, "In final production and due for release soon is a much anticipated and requested series on Upset Training. Numbering 5 videos in total, our plans currently are to have these posted by late October 2013. Additionally the French variant on Mountain Flying should be up shortly as well."

Rankine also observes that "In addition to the web portal, SmartPilot.ca has put social media to work in promoting safe flight awareness and education. Both Facebook and Twitter accounts have been created and garnered a good following. On these pages, we post several times a week with links to videos, articles and training materials from the site. Collectively, this is getting the message out and noticed, and is helping to achieve the project goal of promoting safe and consistent aviation operations in many aspects of general aviation flying. Our associates and co-developers are as thrilled as I am with the response so far. Pilots of all skill levels are getting a lot out of this effort we hear – and best of all, it's all free!"

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