07 February 2013

Bluebird Flight Academy needs manners!

I guess Bluebird gets no spam, or they like it, because they do enough of it on their own. They post many of the inappropriate comments on this blog and it’s getting really annoying! We can only assume that they hold a very low opinion of others, perhaps even their own students.

Bluebird’s comments add no value and for the most part are gratuitous self-advertising. What’s even worse they often comment anonymously. Lacking even the balls to own up to their spam. I think student pilots and aircraft owners are smarter than Bluebird believes and will not get sucked in by Bluebird’s spam.

For those who care, I am complaining about the comments posted on this blog by Bluebird Flight Academy, Chilliwack, BC. The most recent was on a posting advising that Ottawa Flying Club was offering a class on Foreflight. Bluebirds comment was removed from the blog, but I have copied it here for you to see.

“Best flying school in Canada <http://www.bluebirdflightacademy.com> offers pilots a range of flight planning and in flight services.”

We welcome comments that expand, extend, correct, agree or disagree with our postings, but we are getting tired of Bluebird’s ill mannered advertising on our blog.


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about stooping so low as to do blog spamming is that it puts your business in the same category as sellers of fake Rolex watches and impotence pills, in other words most internet users will assume that you are engaged in a ripoff, a criminal enterprise or at least a fake business.

While this flight school seems to have a real website I checked with Transport Canada's list of flight training units and discovered that it is a real school, based in London, Ontario with its operating base in Chilliwack. The Civil aircraft register shows that they have five C-152s, two PA-34s and a single C-172. So it seems like a real business.

So why would a real business get involved in something as dumb as blog spamming which will only discredit their business and cause them to lose customers?

I can only think of three reasons:

1. They hired a twelve years old to handle their advertising and he thinks blog spamming is "keen".

2. They are close to going out of business and are desperate to try anything, since real advertising isn't working.

3. The spamming is really being done by one of their competitors in an attempt to discredit them and cause their customers to flee.

I don't know which answer is correct, but I think it must be number three, as I just can't see a real business intentionally damaging their reputation like this on purpose.

Adam Hunt said...

I am surprised that they haven't spammed this posting!