12 March 2012

No Canadian Aviation Expo in 2012

There will be no Aviation Expo this year. This would have been its 20th year of operation, if you count back to its earliest beginnings in Toronto. They are indicating that this is just a scheduling conflict and that they will be back next year.

Press Release

by Stephen Wilcox, John Green, Steve Nichols, Mary Donovan-Wilcox (Expo Team), Kevin Psutka (COPA) and Dave Rohrer (CWH)

The Canadian Aviation Expo has postponed the 2012 Expo and its 20th anniversary celebrations until 2013 in order to support this years 40th anniversary of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWH) and the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Associations (COPA).

The role of the Expo is to promote and foster the growth of aviation in Canada. It has fulfilled its role for the past 19 years by reaching out and bringing the very best aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, flights schools, industry groups and airports together with aviators and aviation enthusiasts at the annual Expo. In fulfilling its role the Expo is partnered together with two great aviation organizations, CWH and COPA.

It has always been the Expo’s policy to not conflict with the efforts of our partners in the aviation industry. Given the significant anniversary celebration plans of CWH and COPA in 2012, the Expo’s management team has decided to postpone the 2012 Expo and our 20th anniversary celebrations until the spring of 2013 when it will once again be hosted by CWH. It’s a decision that the Expo’s management team feels is in the best interest of aviation and the decision was made with the full support of CWH and COPA.

The role of CWH is to maintain and preserve our rich aviation heritage including artifacts and aircraft operated by Canadians and the Canadian Military. The role of COPA is to work with pilots, the industry and regulators to maintain and enhance our rich freedom to fly in Canada. 2012 will be a very busy and exciting year for both CWH and COPA.

In celebration of its 40th anniversary CWH will be hosting its airshow on the weekend of June 16th and 17th. In addition to the airshow there are several days throughout the year where pilots may fly-in to the museum and landing fees and admission have been waived for these 2012 Anniversary Fly-In Days.

In celebration of its 60th anniversary COPA will be hosting its National Fly-In/AGM on the weekend of June 23 and 24th in Hanover Ontario. Along with the fly-in and AGM the event will include pilot seminars, a trade show and an anniversary celebration.

The 40th anniversary of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association represent significant milestones in aviation and present a great opportunity for exhibitors, pilots and aviation enthusiasts celebrate aviation in Canada and your participation is encouraged.

For more information on these events, please visit www.hamiltonairshow.com and www.copacabbana.ca

* Full press release from CWH (PDF file)

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