08 October 2011

Canada Flight Supplement Error

There have reports from members of COPA Flight 70 Oshawa that the new edition of the CFS, dated 20 October 2011, has pages missing.

They report:

*Pages 1093 to 1124 are missing. (Wiarton, Winnipeg, etc)
*Pages 1029 to 1060 are included twice.

If you find this is the case in your edition please send a message to service@navcanada.ca.

COPA President and CEO Kevin Psutka has asked Nav Canada to investigate this problem and for Nav Canada as a minimum to post the missing pages on their website for free download in the interests of safety.


trent said...

I was doing a flight to Moose Jaw, SK and the pages weren't missing, but put in the book 3 inches high and then the tops cut off to meet the restrictions of the book. It made the information completely useless. I have emailed services at navcanada about this.

Adam Hunt said...

Trent: That is rather odd, sounds like a binding error to me! It also sound like the printer needs better QA!

Michael Shaw said...

The Flight Supplements are the perfect products to have on our iPads, too bad Nav Canada is still in the last century. At least the CFS is good kindling for one's survival fire. If they keep having serious errors that's how they might get used.

Michael Shaw

trent said...

That is exactly what I told them in my email. It is nice to see that they have allowed ForeFlight to put the IFR data into digital format and they are working on the VNC and VFR data going forward which is nice to see. Having the CFS data would just be the icing on the cake for me :)

Adam Hunt said...

While it may create other problems along the way, at least digital data eliminates the kind of printing problems described here.