29 December 2013

ASAP Moves to the USA

It appears that long time Canadian kitplane manufacturer Aircraft Sales And Parts (ASAP) has been sold and the company is being moved to Sealy, Texas.

ASAP was founded by Brent Holomis in 1988 as a parts supplier for the then discontinued Spectrum Beaver and Birdman Chinook ultralights. Over time Holomis went far beyond parts though, redesigning both those aircraft as the ASAP Beaver RX550 Plus and the ASAP Chinook Plus 2 and adding new aircraft to the line, like the single seat Beaver SS. His business expanded into making propellers, powered parachutes and their canopies as well, spinning those off to separate companies, GSC Propellers, as well as Summit Powered Parachutes, Steel Breeze Powered Parachutes and ASAP Canopies.

It seems that after 25 years of being located in Vernon, British Columbia, the company is now in the process of being packed up by its new owners, John and Kim Couch, and moved south to Texas and will be located at Gloster Aerodrome (1XA7) in Sealy, Texas.

The relocated company is expected to be open to accept orders early in 2014, under a new name, the Aeroplane Manufactory.

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