17 September 2014

Morrisburg Welcomes GA!

On final with Patrick to 25 at CNS8.DSC_2861

Morrisburg Airport (CNS8) would like us GA folks to organize events at the airport. If you are interested contact Allen McNairn, Pro Shop/Restaurant, Manager, Upper Canada Golf Course, phone: 613-543-2003, cell: 613-551-1678, Allen.McNairn@parks.on.ca.

I believe Allen is thinking of a day of golf (that’s fun), but Upper Canada Village is just across the road. Morrisburg is a real gem of a location and a great fly-in location.

In 2005 the Short Wing Piper Club met in the restaurant at the Golf club, but we all drove due to fog. We were treated to a great breakfast and convenient meeting room.

This news is from Patrick Gilligan, COPA National.

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