15 September 2014

CYRO and RFC Closures - Battle of Britain Sunday 21 September 2014

By Jim Mantle, Interim General Manager, Rockcliffe Flying Club, 613-746-4425, gm@rfc.ca

The Canadian Forces and the CASM are holding the annual Battle of Britain Parade on Sunday September 21, 2014. As there is an airshow involved, by TC regulation the Flying Display Area (the area under the flight path of the demonstration aircraft) must be clear of all non-essential individuals.

Accordingly, there will be closures of RFC, Sutton Aviation and the Remote Control Car Club activities. The Rockcliffe Yacht Club is also affected, and have been informed directly by CF.

The parade is being held behind the museum, adjacent to the runway. As in previous years, due to the noise generated by aircraft movements, the airport will be restricted for the duration of the parade. NOTAMs will also be issued.

Schedule for the day, Sunday 21 September 2014:

  • Prior to 0950 - Normal operations are in progress
  • 0945-1000 - Assembly of spectators for the BoB parade starts. Aircraft movements cease by 09:50 (no engines running after 0950)
  • 1000-1030 - All individuals egress the clubhouse, hangar and airfield (everywhere inside the fence)
  • 1030-1200 - RFC closed, clubhouse vacated, airfield vacated
  • 1015-1045 - All individuals egress the parking lot and access road
  • 1045-1200 - Access road closed - there will be a manned checkpoint at the end of the road
  • 1200 - Normal operations resume

RFC aircraft rentals and instruction are available Sunday morning (flight complete before 0950, or wheels-up must be before 0950 and return not before 1200).

In the booking system all aircraft have been reserved as unavailable 10:00-12:00; phone dispatch if you wish to book an aircraft to depart before 0950 and return after 1200, and we will unblock the aircraft for you.

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