18 February 2014

GPS Jamming Simulation exercise in Petawawa 6 March 2014

By Marcel Pinon, Manager, Level of Service and Aeronautical Studies, Nav Canada

It has just come to my attention that DND is planning to conduct a low power GPS jamming exercise at Petawawa, ON 6 March 2014.

A NOTAM will be issued that GNSS navigation might be affected on March 6, 2014, between 0900-1600 EDT (1300-2000 UTC).

The terrain will definitely play a role to the extent of the affected, we assume that the intermittent loss of signal may be experienced within the entire cylinder centered at N45°59'4.8” W77°20'40” with a radius of 25 NM up to 39,000 ft. AGL.

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