26 January 2013

APBQ Starts Petition to Keep Mascouche Airport Open

The Aviateurs et Pilotes de Brousse de Quebec (APBQ) (English: Quebec Bush Pilots Association) has started a petition to keep the Mascouche Airport open.

Their request for help says:

We ask for your signature on a petition for Mascouche Airport.

On January 21, the City Council adopted a resolution Mascouche to unilaterally close Mascouche Airport, without real alternative for entrepreneurs and airmen who are based there.

To this end, an online petition has been launched to support Mascouche Airport.

We kindly ask you to sign to bring your media to an airport that is in great need.

It is a small gesture that can free make a big difference in this fight that leads the APPAM since 2009 and which provides support APBQ.

Thank you in advance for your support

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Adam Hunt said...

COPA CEO Kevin Psutka has written to the Minister of Transport about this issue. Every minister in recent history has ignored these requests to do their job and protect avition, but let's see if The Honourable Denis Lebel, P.C., M.P. does any better!