07 April 2012

Touch 'n Go Aviation Warehouse Closed?

There are reports that Touch 'n Go Aviation Warehouse, Carp Airport's pilot supply shop has closed its doors.

One local pilot reported on 10 February 2012 "Was at Carp today and touch n go aviation has gone out of business according to sign on the door".

Indeed their website is returning "The server at www.touchngoaviation.com can't be found because the DNS look-up failed."

Owned by local retailer and pilot Chad Wilton, Touch 'n Go opened to great fanfare on 26 September 2009. Wilton purchased the entire hangar, turned the ground side into the new store and used the rest for aircraft storage.

The store boasted a large square footage of retail space and even a pilot lounge in the back. If indeed the business is closed it leaves a hole in the local aviation community that will be hard to fill.


Tony Hunt said...

We discussed this back in February: http://www.ottawapilots.ca/forum/index.php?topic=409.0

I spoke with Chris @ Carp recently, he worked part-time at Touch 'n Go. When he took the job driving the local 100LL fuel delivery truck, there was nobody left to tend the store. So the decision was made to close Touch 'n Go for the winter.

Apparently the intention was to re-open again after the winter. Activity is picking up again at the airport but I haven't seen Touch 'n Go reopen yet. Chris is still driving the fuel delivery truck, he was at CYRO on Friday morning.

The business model for Touch 'n Go was discussed at length on the Ottawapilots.ca site. We could use a store like that in the area, but they have to re-examine what they are stocking and their location.

Adam Hunt said...

Hi Tony: I actually did find and link to that conversation in the post (at the top).

What you stated here is interesting news. I did hear from John Phillips that Touch 'n Go seems to be permanently closed now, but of course that could change.

Do post if you hear more news!

Adam Hunt said...

The website www.touchngoaviation.com is now returning: "This domain has expired. If you owned this domain, contact your domain registration service provider for further assistance." I guess it is officially gone!