12 April 2012

Having trouble contacting FSS stations on 126.7?

From Mike Shaw, Flight 8 Captain

Having trouble contacting FSS stations on 126.7? There is a reason. Check the new Remote Communication Outlet plans as noted by Patrick Gilligan at COPA National.

Here are a couple of links with details:

* COPA National
* Nav Canada

Of course Flight 8 members know about this from Rob Bishop's Nav Canada briefing to us back in June 2010.

Airspace and Victor Airways are changing too. More on this to follow!

1 comment:

Tony Hunt said...

I doubt people are still expecting to use 126.7 to talk to FSS. It's hard to hear anything intelligible on that freq on a busy day, and impossible to pass important info.

I show my students & friends that the CFS or their GPS database can tell them the best local freq to call FSS for flight plan or weather updates.

If it's really important, I call FSS on the bluetooth phone/headset. For weather updates, simply get a data refresh on your phone weather app, we have pretty good coverage up to about 5,500 feet on the local airways. Yesterday I was getting updates on the CYOW and CYND crosswinds on my phone, because we were up looking for sporty crosswinds.

With all the better options available, nobody should rely on 126.7 for exchanging important info with FSS.