16 May 2016

Westport Rideau Lakes Fly-in 2016

By Mike Miles, COPA Flight 56, Westport

This is just a quick reminder that the Westport - Rideau Lakes fly-in is this upcoming weekend, 21 May 2016. The event happens on Saturday from 0800-1300 hrs. Come on down on this upcoming great long weekend flying, have a great breakfast and join the 30 or so planes who plan to be there.

Join us for a great introduction to the summer near the fabulous town of Westport, Ontario. View the planes in the morning and enjoy the Westport in the afternoon. Fun for the whole family.


  • What: Annual Fly-In/Drive-In Breakfast
  • Hosted by: The Rideau Lakes Flying Club, COPA Flight 56
  • When: 0800-1300 hrs 21 May 2016
  • Where: Westport ON (CRL2), (N) 43 39 93 (W) 76 23 92
  • Meal: Breakfast served from 0800-1100 hrs for a donation to the club.
  • Runway: 07/25, 3118', grass
  • Comunication: 123.2 MHz
  • More information:


Unknown said...

How come the Fly-In breakfast was changed from the last Sat. in May, as traditional, to this weekend of the 21st, a week early? I missed it because of this change and always look forward to this great event. This is very disappointing when this change happens and forced to have to keep checking for this unexpected change.

Adam Hunt said...

That is a good question! You would have to ask then organizers why they moved it, but the most common reason is scheduling conflicts with other near-by fly-ins.

That is one reason that we post notices about these events, though, to let people know when they are on. Another good source is, of course, COPA's On The Horizon.