15 May 2016

Ottawa Flying Club's 88th Annual Wings Dinner

From The Ottawa Flying Club

The 2016 Wings Dinner, the Ottawa Flying Club's annual celebration to mark the achievements of our student pilots in achieving their Private, Commercial, Multi, IFR and other ratings, will be held on Friday, 27 May 2016.

The dinner will be held at RCAF Officers' Mess, 158 Gloucester Street, Ottawa.

As well as the awarding of the Wings for those who have achieved their private license since 05 June 2015 to the time of this year's dinner, various licenses and ratings, and other awards, the evening will include a guest speaker Emma Telford, who graduated from the Aviation Management class in the fall of 2011, worked hard as line staff at the Ottawa Flying Club and now flies as Captain with Jazz Airlines.

Cash Bar opens at 18:00 and Supper will be served at 18:30.

Tickets available at Dispatch at the Ottawa Flying Club or reserving by email to Dispatch@ofc.ca or calling 613-523-2142.


  • Students and Instructors $45
  • Members and Guests $50

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