11 August 2014

Carleton Place Fly-in 06 September 2014

By John Woudstra, President, The Carleton Place Flying Club, COPA Flight 121

With the help of many friends and colleagues, the Carleton Place Flying Club, COPA Flight # 121, is organising the 15th edition of their annual Fly-in BBQ event to be held on the weekend of 06-07 September 2014, at the Carleton Place Airport, Beckwith Township Concession #9, 5 kilometres south of Carleton Place, Ontario. The Airport (CNR6) is well described in the Canada Flight Supplement. The GPS co-ordinates are N45 06 14, W076 07 24 and the radio frequency is 123.2 MHz.

This annual get-together serves as an occasion for local flyers to meet other ultralight and light-plane flyers from the Ottawa region. It also is an opportunity for the Flying Club to invite the airport neighbours and show them what it is we are doing, what kind of equipment we have and how responsible we are with our flying. It is a social community event, not an air show.

As per last year, we will keep it very simple. Should the weather be good on Saturday, 6 September, your task will be to fly to the Carleton Place Airport to meet many other regional flyers and airport neighbours. Our task will be to welcome you, introduce you to others, feed you, and provide a vehicle for gas runs and anything else we can do to make your visit a safe and enjoyable one. If the weather is not suitable on Saturday, we will postpone the event for one day, until Sunday, 7 September. The event, if postponed to Sunday, will definitely take place on Sunday, rain or shine. Hamburgers and sausages will be waiting for you! We will simply push the aeroplanes out of the hangars and we will use the hangars as a cover for BBQing and socialising together.

For logistics purposes, please confirm your participation with us by Wednesday, 3 September, so we can buy the right amount of food and supplies for you. If the weather is uncertain and/or you need to confirm any details with us, call anytime on Friday, 5 September, at 613-836-7243. Our Saturday-or-Sunday decision will be taken on Friday morning and will be based on the official Environment Canada Weather Forecast issued at 8 AM on Friday morning, 5 September. By the way, you can get the official Environment Canada Weather Forecast anytime on the phone by calling 613-998-3439.

Of course, all your loved ones are invited, so bring your own ground crew. Food will be served from approximately 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. If you come by plane, bring your suntan lotion, your own tie-downs and your own engine oil. If you come by car, be sure to bring your suntan lotion and a few extra chairs. Please, refrain from bringing any glass containers with you to the airport: the hangar cement floors will not yield!

Wishing you lots of good flying until the end of 2014

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Adam Hunt said...

There was a great deal of rain in the area on the Saturday morning but the fly-in proceeded. Claude Roy provided this report on the fly-in:

"The event took place as per Plan A.

"The weather took a little longer to clear than forecasted, but the day turned out to be nice from 11 AM onwards.

"Just a few aircraft made the fly-in, but a good crowd participated on the ground.

"By the time people parted away, it must have been a bit past 4 PM.

"All in all, it was a more people-oriented rather than an aircraft-oriented event this year. Still it was great to get together.

"Let’s hope the weather is more decisive, more black-and-white and easier to predict when the time next year comes."