10 January 2014

Murphy Aircraft For Sale

Press Release - 09 January 2014

Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Ltd. announced today that the company is now being offered for sale, to someone who can take the company to the next stage of development.

Mr. Darryl Murphy, Company Founder and President, said "After thirty enjoyable years running Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd., I am approaching retirement, with the desire to spend more time with family and pursue other interests. To that end I find myself in the position of wanting to sell Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd."

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. was founded in 1985 and has been a world leader in the design and production of experimental light aircraft, having sold close to 2,000 aircraft kits in over 35 countries. Many of these Murphy aircraft are now flying on floats and skis. The Murphy Moose and Murphy Rebel, with their reputation as rugged, roomy bush aircraft, offering utilitarian high useful loads, are especially coveted for their excellent performance on floats.

Mr. Murphy continued “With strong signs of economic recovery in North America, the time is right for someone else to take over.” This presents a great opportunity, as the cost of designing, tooling, building and testing a new line of aircraft would greatly exceed the asking price. The package includes all 8 aircraft models and 3 sizes of straight & amphibious floats, existing inventory, and quick-build jigs for the Renegade and Moose. The selling price will be in the $2.5 to $4 million range, depending on how much of the manufacturing machinery the buyer wants. A tailored training program can be provided. Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. will continue to supply new kits and service parts throughout the change-over to new ownership and anticipated expansion.

Patterson AeroSales, who handle all Murphy kit sales and marketing, will continue to accept and process orders for delivery positions now and throughout the expected year-long transition to new ownership.

Anyone interested in acquiring Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd., should contact Mr. Darryl Murphy by email


Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. is one of the oldest and largest aircraft kit manufacturers in Canada. The Murphy lineup includes the popular Renegade, Rebel, Rebel Sport, Elite, Maverick, Yukon, and Moose kits, as well as 1500, 1800 and 3500 straight & amphib floats. All can be viewed on the Murphy web site.


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