24 June 2013

Rockcliffe Flying Club Starts An IFR Club

By Rockcliffe Flying Club

The idea of an IFR Club stems from a suggestion from one of our club members. The purpose of the informal meetings is to bring together IFR pilots (or someone thinking about becoming IFR rated) to meet once a month and discuss what they are passionate about….flying and not just flying but instrument flying. Come out and meet experienced IFR pilots and newly rated IFR pilots and have a coffee, relax and enjoy the conversation.

Here are just some examples of the things that might be discussed:

  • IFR in Canada and the USA: how does it differ?
  • A number of us feel more comfortable in the IFR system and file IFR even on completely clear days. Is this a VFR-cowardice?
  • Does the 2-year re-ride deter Canadian pilots from getting IFR ratings? They don't have it in the USA and a much greater percentage of private pilots are IFR-rated. Is the re-ride useful?
  • Does anyone understand the new preferred low-level routes in the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal corridor? Does it matter, do we just file "direct" and see what comes anyway?
  • What are the minimum number of instruments with which you feel comfortable flying IFR?
  • Is an ADF anything more than additional and unnecessary weight these days?
  • Below what temperature in the winter do you feel comfortable that you're not going to meet ice in a cloud?
  • Is an onboard StrikeFinder or StormScope needed any more now that we have uplink weather information on our GPSs? Which is better: the immediate response of the StrikeFinder or the bigger picture of the uplink weather?
  • When are we going to get ADS-B in Canada? Is it worth buying a portable ADS-B unit for flying in the USA?


  • Where: Rockcliffe Flying Club Lounge
  • When: Last Thursday of the Month
  • Time: 1930 – until finished!!

Drop by last Thursday of every month! See you there!

1 comment:

david said...

I'm sorry I'll have to miss the first meeting for my daughter's highschool grad.

Yes to the ADF (love mine), yes to the StormScope (storms develop too fast for uplink alone), and let's talk more about getting an IAP at CYRO - even if it has impractically-high minima, it will get us a published (and regularly-tested) DP and airport diagram in the CAP, and might give us ammunition for future city-planning fights (e.g. tall condos or towers too close to the airport).