01 March 2013

RFC Volunteer Opportunity: Girls' Day at the Airport and Museum

From Rockcliffe Flying Club

The Ottawa chapter of the 99s, the Rockcliffe Flying Club and the Canada Air and Space Museum are holding a number of activities at the Aviation Museum as part of Worldwide Women in Aviation Week. See the website for more information on this event.

We are hosting a flying event on Saturday March 9th (with a rain date on Sunday March 10th). The objective is to introduce girls/women to their first flight. The flights are provided at no charge to the participant. All flights will depart/arrive on Delta, next to the Museum building.

Rockcliffe instructor Jean Rene de Cotret has already recruited pilots for this event, but we are recruiting volunteers for:

  • Registration: To book participants for a time slot for their flight and complete any required paperwork prior to the flight
  • Escorts: To walk the passengers to and from the aircraft and ensure all individuals on the taxiway are accompanied at all times
  • Marshallers: Using standard hand signals, guide aircraft to and from boarding positions to maximize safety and minimize turnaround time
  • Photographers: To take a number of candid pictures throughout the day, as well as photograph each participant for our "photo logbook" and validate our claim for number of passengers flown.

All shifts are for 4 hours (0900-1300, or from 1300-1700). We have listed all shifts for both the primary day (Saturday) and for the rain date (Sunday) – if the event proceeds as planned on Saturday then there will be no shifts on Sunday. If you can volunteer for one day but not the other, no problem, please sign up for what you can.

To indicate your interest in volunteering, sign up on the RFC Volunteer Management System, and indicate the shift of your choice – they are listed under the "Sign Up" tab, under "Girls Day at the Airport and Museum 2013". If you do not yet have an ID in the RFC VMS then you will need to register first at the same link.

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