20 September 2011

Presentation: "Rejuvenating General Aviation…..from the ground up!"

From: Bruce Dwyer, Professor/Coordinator Aviation Studies, Algonquin College:

Rejuvenating General Aviation…..from the ground up!
Presented by: the Raviator
Time: Monday 26 September 2011, 19:30 hrs
Location: Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Main Theater

You are cordially invited to join Algonquin College students in the Aviation Management and Aircraft Maintenance programs at the Museum next Monday for an evening presentation by Ravi. I have seen Ravi perform this summer at Oshkosh both on stage at the NAFI (National Association of Flight Instructors) breakfast as a guest speaker and heard him perform with his guitar at the Sennheiser booth. Last year I was also at the presentation Ravi gave during the ATAC (Air Transport Association of Canada) meetings.

If you are interested in Aviation and passionate about seeing General Aviation grow in Canada then I think you will enjoy this event and hope that you take the time to come join us next Monday. See Poster Attached!!!

All Flight Schools and Students are welcome to attend!!!

The event is free and you can even enter to win a Sennheiser HD 238 high performance headphone!

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