26 September 2011

Air Show Risks And How They Affect The Public

After the death of Jack "Flash" Mangan in a crash at an airshow in Martinsburg, VA this week while flying a T-28, AVweb has published a very interesting and thoughtful article written by a non-aviator who witnessed the crash. Twenty-year-old Chloe Barkdoll describes the effect seeing this sort of accident has on non aviators. This is very well written and certainly should give airshow organizers and pilots something to think about.

I think her message is clear, while airshows can motivate and inspire people to fly, or at least become aviation fans and supporters, one accident can turn thousands of people into aviation opponents. We need to put safety ahead of all other considerations in airshow planning if we are to avoid this.


Adam Hunt said...

Some of the fallout from this accident is starting to be felt now.

* Reno 2012 "Event" Will Follow 2011 Fatal Crash By Glenn Pew, AVweb

Michael Shaw said...

When looking at AvWeb's poll on the topic, almost one quarter of the poll takers would change nothing, even if investigation found improvements could be made. Wow! I thought aviators were always looking for ways to improve. I guess these 24% are the ones who fly into IMC, run out of fuel, loose control, what have you?

Adam Hunt said...

Currently the poll shows that 92% want to keep the races going. Aside from the demonstrated safety problems this really makes no sense, but most humans just can't accept that times have changed and burning unlimited amounts of gasoline for entertainment is a non-starter today.