12 October 2016

Mo's 28th Fly-in 25 February 2017 - Event Cancelled

We were informed on 09 January 2017 that this event has been cancelled.


djipibi said...

Mo's fly-in is Cancelled this year due to health problems.

Jean-Pierre Bonin (friend of Mo and Aviation Event Photographer)

Adam Hunt said...

Hi Jean-Pierre: Thanks for letting us know. I'll update the post to reflect that.

Adam Hunt said...

Mo's 28th Fly-in cancelled
By Patrick Gilligan, COPA

Maurice Prud'Homme has been organizing his ice fly-in on the Ottawa River since 1989, at that time my daughter was 5 years old and I was rebuilding turbine engines at Rolls Royce Canada.

Mo has never missed a beat every year doing his annual runs for sponsors, picking up banners, inviting celebrities to attend, printing and distributing his posters, scheduling volunteers and snow plowing, also cooking and serving enormous batches of his famous Chilli to hundreds of fly-in pilots (Maurice was master Chef at the Parliamentary dining room). Unfortunately his famous fly-in is cancelled this year because he will be undergoing heart surgery and will be required to rest for a month or so.

Our thoughts are wishing Maurice "Mo" a speedy recovery, COPA National.

Not Just Tourists - Ottawa said...

Bien désolé d'apprendre que Maurice sera au repos cette année. Bon et prompt rétablissement! Au plaisir de revoir ton fameux sourire!