11 December 2015

Canadian Beacon Registry Verifier (CBRV)

By Patrick Gilligan, Vice President, Operations, Canadian Owners and Pilots Association

The Canadian Beacon Registry (CBR) ran a pilot project in 2012 which sent users of registered 406 MHz beacons an email when the self-test of their beacons were detected. The pilot project was a resounding success, with the general aviation and small operator communities in particular, as it demonstrated the value of registering 406 Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). Unfortunately that pilot project was suspended later that year when the CBR database was reengineered.

Since 2012 and on every occasion, COPA has been reminding the Canadian Beacon Registry authorities to re-introduce this email tool. Recently during my presentation at SARScene 2015, I had a slide on suggestions to improve the ELT image amongst pilots, one of which was an “End to End” email testing of 406 ELTs. I was later approached by CBR staff informing me of the soon to be re-launch of this email tool.

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