02 February 2015

COPA/AOPA Survey: NEW Canadian Cross Border requirement

By Patrick Gilligan

COPA and AOPA need all pilots to complete this survey. Your opinion counts!

In previous articles (August 2014 COPA article and October 2014) I alerted members to the development of an additional procedure being developed by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) for crossing the border. This survey will provide statistical feedback to Canadian and US officials to find a solution that both addresses their goals and minimizes duplication. COPA is heavily involved in finding creative solutions to minimize the detrimental consequences that any additional requirements will have on our sector of aviation.

I would like to emphasize that no changes have been made to the existing requirements. Any change to the requirements for crossing the border in a GA aircraft will, at the earliest, occur sometime in 2016.

COPA highlighted that the fundamental issue is the elimination of duplication. Since all pilots must complete the US eAPIS reports for entering and exiting the US, it would be a relatively simple extension for the US to send information to Canada for their security purposes.

CBSA officials continue to collaborate with our sector, while at the same time respecting the Government of Canada’s privacy rules and policies, which make the work more challenging. A Washington meeting succeeded in convincing the CBSA that their US counterparts are willing to cooperate. COPA will continue to participate in the ongoing working group meetings as well as with our counterparts in the US in an effort to develop a program that both meets our government’s needs and minimizes the impact on our sector of aviation.

Complete the COPA/AOPA Survey on CBSA’s Canadian Cross Border NEW requirement

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