24 January 2015

Kevin Psutka Reveals Plans

by Kevin Psutka

After 18 great years at COPA I have decided to move on. Please see the announcement of my retirement from COPA and my farewell message to members.

The COPA Board is seeking a new President and CEO (the ad will be available on the front page of the COPA website), and in the interim the CEO will be Trekker Armstrong, COPA Chair, assisted by COPA Director Jean Messier.

My last day in the office is 28 January 2015. As of 29 January, any email for the President and CEO should be sent to president@copanational.org and it will be responded to as soon as possible. kpsutka@copanational.org will be deactivated.

As of 2 March 2015 I will be employed as a Safety and Security Representative at the Air Line Pilots Association International.

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