18 November 2014

TSB Reemphasizes SECURITAS

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is putting new emphasis on its SECURITAS safety reporting program.

SECURITAS has been around for a number of years, but hasn't been widely used in the transportation industry to report problems to the TSB so action can be taken. Reports made under SECURITAS are confidential and the reporter's name is not revealed. TSB investigators take the reports and act on them on behalf of the person reporting the problem to correct safety issues before accidents happen.

The program can be used by transportation industry personnel, such as aircraft pilots, air traffic controllers, ship's crews, pipeline crews and train engineers. It can also be used by passengers and by the general public to report hazards and safety concerns.

To help relaunch the program and get more people using it the TSB is asking people to:

The TSB also asks people to forward their email notices and other materials, but they have marked everything they distribute "Copyright © 2014 Transportation Safety Board of Canada, All rights reserved", which, given Canada's very strict new copyright laws, really precludes sharing anything. Perhaps they need to rethink their licensing and issue their material under permissive licences instead, such as Creative Commons, or even make it explicitly public domain so that people can share it freely.

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