11 August 2013

Ottawa Flying Club Staffing News

By Bryce Hanna, General Manager, The Ottawa Flying Club

Effective 2 July 2013, I am pleased to announce the following appointments approved by Transport Canada on June 26:

  • Andrew Simpson, Chief Flight Instructor
  • Morgan Ross, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor
  • Charles Shaw, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor
  • John Porter, Manager, Development
  • Blair Spooner, Ground School Supervisor

Andrew Simpson is highly qualified in depth of experience, competence and credentials. In his previous position as Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, he has been a prime mover in developing, managing and improving our flight training operations as well being dedicated to achieving the highest level of quality in our programs. In his new capacity as CFI, Andrew will be in an even stronger position to lead improvements and innovations in OFC flight training.

Morgan Ross is an outstanding and exemplary senior flight instructor and, as Ground School Supervisor, has been instrumental in improving the quality of instruction in that area as well as attracting students to the courses and motivating them to continue and quickly begin flight training in parallel with their ground instruction. Morgan is in the process of finalizing and implementing an improved OFC Multi-IFR program and has been promoted to Assistant Chief Flight Instructor as he continues his work.

Charles Shaw has demonstrated a high level of dedication competence and maturity in becoming one of our senior instructors. Charles will be a key asset to Andrew in managing and improving our flight training and the flight training experience of our students.

John Porter is a pro-active champion and ambassador for the OFC with extensive experience and knowledge of both OFC operations and other key organizations in the aviation community. In his new capacity, John will be in a position to both build our profile in the industry and develop new business from organizations and groups that we presently do not reach. He also has the capability to work with and build relations with the regulatory bodies that affect our business and operations.

Blair Spooner, graduated from Algonquin College, became an instructor at the flying club last November. After assisting at the college through volunteering and peer tutoring of students for the ground-schools and administration roles at the club, he has taken the role of Ground-school Supervisor for the Flying Club. Through his charismatic attitude and drive for student success, he fit perfectly for the role of helping student pilots achieve their goal to become professional pilots.

Congratulations to John, Morgan, Andrew, Charles and Blair. Please give them your support as we progress in building the finest flying club and flight-training unit in Ontario.

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