06 September 2012

RCMP ill-informed about Light Aircraft!


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Are the RCMP afraid of the owners / operators of light aircraft? Their actions suggest so. Somehow they concluded that a banner towing light aircraft was a safety risk for Government Officials. The banner towing aircraft was of course certified by Transport Canada as safe to conduct such operations, as was the pilot. It never enter restricted airspace over our Parliament nor Rideau Hall. It appears to have followed all appropriate Canadian Air Regulations and committed no other infractions. Still the RCMP requested the pilot land the aircraft at the near by Rockcliffe Airport because they considered it a security risk. The RCMP should get off their “high horses” and into this century.

Surely, the many cars, trucks, busses, bikes, etc. that pass the Prime Minister’s residence, the Governor General’s Residence and Parliament Hill are significantly more of a risk than light aircraft. It is unfortunate when false perceptions dictate security risks to the RCMP. Their actions should be based in facts not misperceptions.