05 January 2012

First Van’s Aircraft RV8 on penetration Wheel/Skis

By Patrick Gilligan

December 17th, on a cold morning while the fields were frozen, aerodynamic and flight tests were conducted at Indian Creek airstrip in Ontario on a RV8 equipped with a Lycoming O-360.

The skis were designed and built by amateur aircraft builder Patrick Gilligan. Inspired by simplicity and repair ability, these skis are bolted together using a combination of UHMW, hardwood Plywood and aluminum rectangle tube. Fasteners are stainless steel, bungees are landing gear chock cords and Galvanized steel cables make up the limiting cables.

Why install skis? Skis are an additional safety for flying during late Fall, Winter and early Spring where the ground is soft and in the event of an emergency the aircraft can be landed on soft surfaces, frozen lakes, rivers and fields without tearing off the landing gear or flipping upside down. Although in very deep snow chances are the aircraft may flip but with minimal damage. Cruise performance decreased by only 4-6 MPH and lift increased slightly.

For more information contact Patrick.

*Ski video #1
*Ski video #2

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