11 July 2011

Dubai to Seattle with Al Hepburn Part 10

Our first internal leg in China, from Changsha to Xian was uneventful. The main impression is that the visibility in the cities is mostly less than 3 km. Wei wants people in China to fly GA. Well, they're going to need an instrument rating before first solo!

Carolyn and I visited the Terracotta Warriors exhibit, and found it most interesting. The had amazing technology 2200 years ago - armour, bronze weapons, pottery in massive quantities, archers, cavalry etc.

Tomorrow, we leave the hotel at 04:20 local, as the want is to be on the ground in Beijing before 09:00 local. The main challenge looks to be low visibility in what the Chinese euphemistically refer to as "mist". Also, some scattered CBs.

Next report from the capital city, which apparently has been the forbidden city for private aircraft up until now.


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Adam Hunt said...

This expedition is getting press in China!

Chinese pilot flying around the world stops in Xi'an

You will note that the press isn't mentioning his crew there, like Al. They make it sound like he is doing this on his own.