30 May 2014

Pembroke Airspace Changes

by Alan Hepburn, Captain, COPA Flight 178, Pembroke

The new Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) is just out. You will see from the illustration that they have finally gotten around to doing something about the ATF/MF overlap with Petawawa - they have agreed to split the difference. The dividing line is just north of the Petawawa River. So in the circuit at Pembroke (CYTA), there is no longer a need to call on 126.4 Mhz. But if you go west up the river, you still have to call.

This new procedure is NOTAMed, but unless they change the VNC format, you will never see the area limits on that chart.

If you look really closely at the map, you will see that floor of CYR 541 (the restricted area over Deep River) has been raised to 3,000', so the guys at Deep River will no longer be grounded when 541 is active. So far, I have not found a NOTAM that talks about this.

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