14 May 2013

Does your SPOT Leave Crumbs?

Flight 8 member Chuck O’Dale’s followers did not get the 1300 miles of bread crumbs promised by his SPOT. He is still waiting to hear SPOT’s explanation. He wonders if he inadvertently disabled the bread crumb feature. If so, folks should be aware how easily and unknowingly this can happen. If not, then why, and how often, does SPOT disable this important safety feature without the knowledge of users?

Chuck notes that, “the people that I rely on to check on my position reports got the following message:

Feed with Id: 0bf8QgAGfWBUNBPU9KmvdPDTACicaqCFm not found.”

On the positive side, Chuck also notes that OK messages were received, but not his position reports. And all the bread crumbs were ultimately stored in his SPOT account.

Is SPOT the ELT supplement that many of us believe it is?

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