10 July 2012

Pilots N Paws Canada Launches

by Gini Green, Founder, Pilots N Paws Canada

Pilots N Paws Canada connect general aviation pilots with responsible Canadian rescue groups and shelters to help in the adoption process for animals at risk of being destroyed. Volunteer pilots under our program help move animals from areas they are threatened, to areas that their chances of adoption are increased, thereby reducing the number of healthy animals killed every year because no-one could or would care for them.

Our mandate is to only work within Canada with Canadian pilots and only work with responsible Canadian rescues and shelters.

Pilots N Paws has been an extremely successful program in the US and we hope our own Canadian organization will be equally successful but we need your help to get the word out to general aviation pilots. Could you please consider circulating our flyer which is attached or posting our press release to your website?

If anyone has any questions, please send them my way! I know there are a lot of questions regarding the tax benefits available for pilots flying with us.

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