24 June 2012

No Canada Day Fly-In in 2012?

The Rockcliffe Flying Club has traditionally held a fly-in on Canada Day, July 1, each year, but this year it looks as if it has been cancelled.

The Rockcliffe Flying Club calendar doesn't show the event this year and neither does the club list of flying activities.

I have been to the fly-in the last few years and it doesn't come as a surprise that it does not seem to be on this year. In the past three years it has barely drawn half a dozen aircraft. In 2011 only ten aircraft attended, even though weather conditions were perfect, with a warm, but not hot, sunny day and no significant wind. I think a lot of people have other plans for long weekends in the summer and that the event just petered out from lack of interest.

Update: As described in the comments below it looks like the fly-in is actually "on", it is just that the RFC website has not been updated to reflect that, however it is mentioned on the RFC's Facebook page.


david said...

I received this email three days ago:


Canada Day is just over a week away. Celebrate with us.
Again this year, the Club is lining up a number of activities:
v Breakfast: bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, coffee, orange juice,($5.00/person)

v Aircraft fly-by’s

v Vintage Wings of Canada static display

v Sightseeing flights: $35.00 per person, at the Museum starting at 10:00 a.m.

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is also planning a number of events. Free shuttle service will be available between the Museum and the Club throughout the day.
Pictures of last year’s event and the detailed schedule are available on the Rockcliffe Flying Club website (http://www.rfc.ca/).
Come and join us for a day of fun!

Adam Hunt said...

Well now that is interesting - there is nothing on the club website that I can find. Do you know if they made some sort of public announcement, or is this a secret?

Gérard M. said...

As pointed out by David, the RFC will have its yearly fly-in on Canada Day. We've had a few delays in updating the web site, but it should be fixed soon. We also posted this on the RFC facebook fan page - www.facebook.com/rockcliffeflyingclub.


Adam Hunt said...

Well like a lot of people I avoid Facebook. I guess I expected that the fly-in would be mentioned on the club website by today, a week in advance of the event. I suspect that most people will check the club website and conclude that there is no fly-in at this point in time.

Adam Hunt said...

I have updated my original post to reflect this new information.

Michael Shaw said...

Hi David

I too got Rockcliffe's email. I find it interesting that there is no mention of Canada Day at their website or in their tweets! It seems they only want members to attend the Canada Day events?


Adam Hunt said...

I guess it is a secret fly-in - the club can't really get upset if no one comes though! The funny thing is that their own club members are the least likely to actually fly-in to the fly-in, it is everyone else who needs to know!

Tony Hunt said...

From COPA's "On the Horizon" list:
July 1, Ottawa, ON: The Rockcliffe Flying Club will host its Annual Fly-In Breakfast from 7:30 a.m to 11:00 a.m. $5.00 per person. Sightseeing Flights in a Cessna 172 will be available from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. based at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. $35/per person. For more details, please contact Brenda Reid at brenda@rfc.ca or 613-746-4425.

The problem is the RFC website. It's difficult to find things unless you already know where to look. It needs a good review, a redesign and more frequent updating of the content. I believe more of the social and membership activities like fly-ins will appear on the website if the webmaster is an active member rather than a full-time instructor with good intentions.

Adam Hunt said...

I'll vote for that! The problem is that most people curious as to whether to come to the event will probably check the club website as a first stop and, like me, when they find nothing listed on the various calenders assume it is cancelled.

Tony Hunt said...

I think Gérard might be the guy to talk to.

Some of the Club members are trying to refresh the external and internal marketing approaches at RFC, including taking some of the responsibility back from the instructional staff.

I'm convinced that the membership should be doing more to promote the "Club" aspect at RFC, before it becomes just another flight school.

Adam Hunt said...

It does sound like something needs to be done as this episode certainly seems to count as a "miscommunication".

I checked the club website again today and the various calendars still omit the fly-in, even though it is now just two days away. I am thinking attendance my be light!

Adam Hunt said...

It looks like RFC finally put up an announcement about the fly-in on June 28th, although it still doesn't show up on their website calenders.